What is an Elevation Certificate?


An elevation certificate alone does not provide a waiver of the flood insurance purchase requirement. But an elevation certificate, or an elevation form, is an integral part of the process. Only a registered professional engineer, licensed land surveyor, or in some instances an architect, can provide and sign the elevation certificate. Dry land, LLC refers only preferred surveyors / engineers to our clients spanning the entire country. A surveyor is contracted to determine elevations of the home on a particular coordinate system FEMA's flood maps are on. Determining the coordinate system requires research into legal documents, municipal GIS information and local or federal benchmarks. An engineer is contracted in some instances to determine the base flood elevation (BSE). FEMA flood insurance rate maps sometimes include flood zones in which a detailed study was not performed (Zone A for example). Our database of referral surveyors / engineers provides a source of licensed professionals who specialize in completing elevation certificate. Once Dry Land LLC.receives the elevation certificate, Dry Land LLC. provides a detailed quality check and combines the rest of the letter of map change LOMA or LOMA-F for submittal to FEMA

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