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Dry Land LLC, was formed by uniting experienced professionals with backgrounds in Surveying, Engineering, Insurance and Legal matters.  With this valuable professional experience, we combine personal experience as well.  We are FEMA Map Revision Specialists and their administration of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and can help you with your Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), your Letter of Map Amendment based on Fill (LOMA-F). 

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Our Mission We assist those who feel are paying for flood insurance unjustly, or would like to have their home rated as a lower risk for flooding.  Having been through the process personally, we understand the frustrations and complexities this process may entail.  Put our experience to the test as we have performed well over a hundred successful Letters of Map Change saving our customers thousands of dollars a year.

Note: Dry Land LLC., is NOT a surveying or engineering firm capable of providing surveying or engineering services.

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